SNApps (Service Node Applications) can add robust transport layer security to almost any application that uses the internet. Both the Server and Client will enjoy privacy from each other and the nodes on the Loki Network, as well as from parties on the wider internet.


They are also really simple. You can take almost anything that works on the regular internet, and turn it into a SNApp by putting a Lokinet router in between it and the internet. Lokinet will handle all of the complicated stuff.


Setting up a SNApp is really fast - it can only take a few minutes. SNApps can be used to build anonymous websites, marketplaces, social media platforms, VoIP services, or any number of other internet based services. There really is very little limitation to what they can be used for!


So with that in mind, this SNAppathon is designed to challenge you to come up with the best ideas for SNApps and try to deploy them in a 5 hour window!


Please see the marking rubric below to understand how this challenge is scored, and what to aim for when building your SNApp.


SNApps don’t care what languages or platforms you use. Whether it's a simple WordPress site, an advanced full stack application, or its own daemon providing a service written in an obscure language like Erlang, it will all work.




Food provided to hackers, and drinks provided to everyone (who is over 21).



Doors open & Registration : 10 am

Opening Ceremony & Presentation by Loki : 11 am

Hacking : 12 pm - 5 pm

Pitches & Prizes : 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Networking & Drinks : 7 pm - Close



  • A HDMI compatible laptop.
  • Your best crypto merch (Extra points for Loki merch...plug plug).
  • A brain, eyes, ears, and a mouth.





Participants must be 18 years or older. Under 21s may not consume alcohol while on the premesis. Participation is IN PERSON only.

Anyone can participate and join a team during the team selection phase. Development experience is not required, but some technical skills will come in handy!


Submission Criteria

Teams are to submit their SNApp as a demo and/or presentation. Each team will have a MAX 6 minute window to show off their SNApp. A further MAX 3 minutes for questions will be given.

As you can probably tell, the challenge favours ideas that can be quickly deployed during the SNAppathon itself. If you’re smart, you might even try to deploy something ahead of the event. If your idea is really good but hasn't had a scratch of deployment work done, you might do okay. However, you should aim to have someone on your team that can deploy something.


Hackathon Sponsors


$2,400 in prizes


$1,500 USD in either cash, BTC or LOKI


$500 USD in cash, BTC or LOKI


Merch & Hardware wallet thanks to Coinstop!

Audience prize

Merch & Hardware wallet thanks to Coinstop!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Simon Harman

Simon Harman
Project Lead, Loki

Kee Jeffreys

Kee Jeffreys
Tech Lead, Loki

Alex Ramsey

Alex Ramsey
CEO, FlexDapps

Judging Criteria

  • Utility: How useful is this SNApp? Does it provide extra privacy or utility over existing applications? /8
    0: None. 2: Limited. 4: Some. 6: Good. 8: Excellent.
  • Applicability: Is the SNApp applicable? How likely is this solution going to be adopted by target users? /4
    0: Not applicable. 1: Somewhat applicable. 2: Applicable to target users. 3: Applicable to more than just target users. 4: Widely applicable.
  • Development: How much technical work has gone into the solution? Does it work? If not, how much more would be required to complete it? Has it been well executed? Is it live on the Lokinet test network? /9
    0: No technical works completed. 3: Limited technical work completed. 5: Limited live demo executed. 7: Minimum viable product demo executed. 9: Full featured version demo executed.
  • Ambition: How ambitious is the SNApp? Is it a technically trivial task, or is it more complicated? /5
    -2: Trivial redeployment of existing tech -1: Easy redeployment of existing tech/trivial new tech 0: Redeployment of existing tech 2: New tech/easy integration with other decentralised tech 5: Integration with other decentralised tech & advanced new tech
  • Creativity: Is this a new solution to a problem, or is it an alternative solution to an existing one? Is the thinking out-of-the-box or novel? /4
    0: Not creative. 1: Alternative to existing solution 2: Good alternative to existing problem. 3: New solution to a novel problem. 4: Highly creative solution to a novel problem.
  • Presentation: Was the presentation delivered well? Was the idea engaging? /4
    0: Did not present/No materials. 1: Limited presentation. 2: Adequately presented, reasonably engaging. 3: Well presented/engaging idea. 4: Excellently presented/thoroughly engaging idea.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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